Hello, my name is Ryan Mense and I’m a wildlife cameraperson passionate about birds. Through bird photography and filmmaking, I seek to capture the fascinating details of their world and, in turn, captivate the people who collectively influence their well-being. These amazing animals are a status beacon of the planet’s health, and in many cases, we find that help is needed.
It’s my goal to work with conservation organizations and ethical companies to promote their efforts of service to nurturing wildlife.
My photography journey started in the early 2000s, and my path has crossed several genres of focus. Today, I use the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to help others with the craft.
In 2014, I started work as a features editor and writer for Fstoppers, a free online resource for educating photographers and professional creatives. My contribution of over 600 articles largely includes camera gear reviews and industry news. You can check out an archive of my articles here on Fstoppers. I’m currently in charge of selections for the Photo of the Day feature.
In 2019, I began self-publishing educational video content to my YouTube channel, which includes bird photography techniques and product reviews. I’ve collaborated with top brands such as Sony, Atomos, Tamron and Sigma.
Then in 2021, the most well-known online photography publication, PetaPixel, asked me to join the team. There, I write gear reviews for the latest photography products as well as conduct camera and lens comparisons based on real-world use. You can find a list of my published articles here.
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